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Ah, the Aperol Spritz – a drink that evokes feelings of sitting in a sun-drenched Italian piazza, watching the world go by. This iconic cocktail, with its vibrant orange hue and refreshing taste, has experienced a significant resurgence in popularity over the last decade, and with good reason. It's the perfect balance of sweet, bitter, and bubbly, making it the quintessential drink for those languid summer evenings.

Aperol Spritz

  1. Aperol: This should go without saying, but the star of the show is Aperol. This bright orange aperitif hails from Italy and boasts a unique taste derived from a secret blend of bitter and sweet oranges, herbs, and roots.
  2. Prosecco: This Italian sparkling wine adds effervescence and a touch of sweetness to your Spritz. Opt for a high-quality Prosecco DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) – the designation ensures it comes from the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia and meets strict production criteria.
  3. Club Soda or Sparkling Water: Adds a touch of dilution and further bubbles to the drink. Using a premium sparkling water with fine bubbles, like San Pellegrino or Perrier, can elevate the texture and feel of the drink.
  4. Oranges: For garnish and a little extra citrusy aroma. Use fresh, organic oranges, ideally with a rich and vibrant color. 
  • 2 parts (60ml) Aperol
  • 3 parts (90ml) Prosecco DOCG
  • 1 splash of premium club soda or sparkling water
  • Ice cubes
  • Orange slice, for garnish 
  1. Preparation: Start by chilling your glasses, Prosecco, Aperol, and sparkling water. A cold drink is essential for the perfect Aperol Spritz experience.
  2. Ice: Fill a wine glass or a tumbler generously with ice cubes. Remember, the more ice, the slower it melts, ensuring your drink doesn't get diluted too quickly.
  3. Aperol: Pour in 2 parts of Aperol over the ice. Relish the vibrant orange color; it's half the appeal!
  4. Prosecco: Gently add 3 parts of Prosecco to the glass. Always pour the Prosecco before the soda to preserve the carbonation.
  5. Sparkling Water: Top off with a splash of premium club soda or sparkling water. This adds another layer of bubbles and lightens the drink slightly.
  6. Garnish: Gently stir once to combine the ingredients, ensuring not to over-stir and lose those precious bubbles. Finish by adding a fresh slice of orange to the rim of the glass or floating on top.
  7. Serve & Enjoy: Sip and imagine yourself basking in the Italian sun, surrounded by rolling hills and cypress trees. 
  •  Glassware: While many enjoy an Aperol Spritz in a wine glass, some purists argue for an old-fashioned glass or tumbler. The choice is yours; what's crucial is to ensure it's large enough to hold the drink and a generous amount of ice.
  • Ratios: While the 2:3:1 ratio (Aperol: Prosecco: Water) is generally accepted, you can adjust based on your personal preference. Some like a stronger bitter note and might increase the Aperol, while others might enjoy a bubblier drink and increase the Prosecco.
  • Always Stay Cold: An Aperol Spritz must always be cold. From the ingredients to the glass, ensure everything is chilled to enjoy the perfect refreshing experience. 
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