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Calafia Beverly Hills Pink Chef Knife

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Our newest gemstone handled knives come in luxurious Beverly Hills Pink and are created in collaboration with Remy Morimoto Park (@veggiekins) - recipe developer, food photographer, health and wellness writer. Remy is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, mindfulness coach and holistic nutritionist. Inspired by Remy’s story and unmistakable pink aesthetic, we have created the knives that match the fashionable warmth and glow of the “eat well, do well” lifestyle.


The Calafia Chef's Knife finished with a dyed and stabilized luthier grade Maple handle. Made in California and designed for the highest culinary performance.



  • Cryogenically treated American super steel with phenomenal sharpness and edge retention
  • Aura 3D contoured wood and brass handles for precise all-day handling with minimal fatigue
  • Brass counterweight for perfect balance in motion
  • Advanced blade geometry promoting smooth cuts with efficient rebound and stictionless blade surface for professional fine cooking


  • 237mm blade length, 57mm blade height, 197gram knife weight
  • CPM Magnacut: A Vanadium and Niobium enriched, high-performance, super steel
  • Vacuum hardened
  • Nitrogen quenched at 4x atmospheric pressure
  • Triple tempered. Double Cryo treated for 88 hours at -320°F.
  • Hardness 63-64 HRC


  • Only Use on a Plastic or Wood Cutting Board
  • Hand Wash Only, Dry Immediately
  • Sharpen at a 14-Degree Angle
  • Lifetime Warranty






Prop 65