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Calafia White Buffalo Chef Knife

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The new Calafia Chef's Knife finished with a precious gemstone handle. Made in California and designed for the highest culinary performance.


  • Cryogenically treated American super steel with phenomenal sharpness and edge retention
  • Aura 3D contoured gemstone handles for precise all-day handling with minimal fatigue
  • Brass counterweight for perfect balance in motion
  • Advanced blade geometry promoting smooth cuts with efficient rebound and stictionless blade surface for professional fine cooking


  • 237mm blade length, 57mm blade height, 197gram knife weight
  • CPM Magnacut: A Vanadium and Niobium enriched, high-performance, super steel
  • Vacuum hardened
  • Nitrogen quenched at 4x atmospheric pressure
  • Triple tempered. Double Cryo treated for 88 hours at -320°F.
  • Hardness 63-64 HRC


  • Only Use on a Plastic or Wood Cutting Board
  • Hand Wash Only, Dry Immediately
  • Sharpen at a 15-Degree Angle
  • Lifetime Warranty



Prop 65